I started The After Gleaux to share my journey as a single mom of a son with special needs. I wanted other moms to know they were not alone, and to give others a look into what parenting a child with special needs was like. Through me helping my son overcome some of his challenges, I experienced quite a few of my own – severe depression and anxiety, having to take an unpaid Leave of Absence from work, losing my self-esteem, not knowing how best to love or care for myself, and a growing sense of self-doubt to name a few. Though some of my days are still dark, I have much better days now than I did before!

Have you heard the saying “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”? Well, I looked at each adversity I experienced as a tunnel; and I had to keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel in order to persevere through. That light, for me, was centered around my faith in God, knowing He would bring me through, and the overwhelming joy I knew I would feel at the end. After each tunnel, I began to consciously choose that joy, more and more!

Photo Shoot with The STL Collective (@thestlcollective)
Photo Credit: Mena Darre Photography (@menadarrephotography)

For me to consciously choose joy, I knew I had to prepare myself for all the tunnels that were coming ahead. I now try my best to do three things. I keep going – Make a conscious decision to put one foot in front of the other each and every day. Persevere. Push forward. No matter what. For my sake and for my son’s! I keep gleauxing – Above all, keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel. Choose joy! Despite what I’m going through, how can I find joy and be happy? I do my best to find joy in small things, big things, and everything in-between! I keep growing – What could I learn from this experience? What can I appreciate about this tunnel? How I can use it to prepare for the next one?

I started The After Gleaux to be authentic and transparent about my journey as a single mom of a son with special needs. I share the adversities I face, and how I work to overcome them. The After Gleaux is a safe haven for other special needs families to share their stories too!

(For the people in the back: The resources and tips I share, are ones that EYE’ve tried. When it comes to special needs parenting, everything is trial and error! Try something. See if it works. If not, try something new! Don’t worry though, if something didn’t work for us, I’ll let you know and what we’re trying as an alternative!)